How do I choose a good car accident lawyer ?

The best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles 

How do I choose a good car accident lawyer ?

5 Things to see for When Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer

1. Experience {alertSuccess}

2. Knowledge {alertSuccess}

3. Services they provide to clients; for example, if they will manage your case or file it in court on your behalf.{alertSuccess}


4. Referrals {alertSuccess}


5. What fees they charge you.{alertSuccess}

Car accident lawyers do not like to discuss their fee. They're afraid that if they tell you the costs up-front, you'll run off and find someone else; and we all know we can't have that! There are many types of fees, all of which fall into four basic groups: hourly rates, fixed fees, contingency fees and hybrid or blended rates”.
When hiring a lawyer to represent you in your case, one important factor is the type of attorney fees he or she charges. Different attorneys charge different rates for their services. Different attorneys charge different rates for their services.

What are Fixed Fees?

With a fixed fee, you pay the lawyer a set amount at the beginning of the case. The lawyer agrees to accept the fixed fee regardless of how long it takes to complete your case. A fixed fee covers all services provided by your attorney, excluding expenses for investigative work or services outside the jurisdiction in which the case is filed.
Fixed fees are appropriate for relatively simple cases. If you need extensive legal work or investigative support, fixed fees may not cover all of your costs.

What are Contingency Fees?

“When you hire an attorney on contingency, he or she will only be paid if your case is won. If your case is not won, you are responsible for paying the attorney's fees. If you win the case, the attorney's fee will come out of the amount awarded to you by the court or negotiated settlement”.{alertInfo}

Contingency fees are only appropriate for cases where your chances of winning are at least 60%”.

What are Hourly Fees?

“Hourly rates are much more complicated because they vary widely by region and by attorney. The biggest factor affecting hourly rates is whether an attorney is a “trial specialist” or a general practitioner”.{alertWarning}

A trial specialist focuses on winning cases through taking them to trial, which can be very expensive and time-consuming.

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